Thyme Rolls

June 30, 2015

Little hands can help make these simple rolls. The dough is small and there is nothing difficult about any of the steps.

8 pcs.

3 dl (300 g) milk
25 g fresh yeast
1 tsp salt
2 tsp thyme
50 g soft butter
7 dl (450 g) wheat flour

Stir the yeast and salt into the lukewarm milk. Add thyme and 5 dl wheat flour. Gradually mix in the rest of the flour and the soft butter. Knead the dough until it's smooth and elastic.

Cover with a tea towel and let rise for about 30 minutes.

Turn the dough out onto a floured surface and knead it. The dough is sticky when you start. So, flour the bread board first and gradually add more as you knead, but be careful to not add too much. As soon as your dough is smooth and bouncy you've added enough. Roll the dough into a rope. Cut the rope into 8 pieces. Shape each piece into a ball. Line two baking trays with parchment papers, place the rolls on them, cover and leave to rise at room temperature for 30 minutes.

Press a deep line into each roll. Brush with milk and sprinkle with thyme.

Preheat the oven to 250°C. Bake for 8–10 minutes.


Cream Cheese Whirls

June 23, 2015

Serve Cream Cheese Whirls alongside your favorite soup or take them to your next picnic. Last time I ate these I was sitting on the seaside looking out over the sea. What a magnificent view!

24 pcs.

5 dl (500 g) milk
2 tsp salt
50 g fresh yeast
1 dl (60 g) sesame seeds
0,5 dl (45 g) vegetable oil
0,5 dl (70 g) honey
10 dl (650 g) wheat flour
2 dl (1 cup, US) fresh parsley or chives, finely chopped
150 g your choice of flavored cream cheese

1 egg
pinch of salt
sesame seeds

Stir the yeast and salt into the lukewarm milk. Add sesame seeds, oil and honey. Gradually mix in the flour and knead the dough until it's smooth and elastic. Cover with a tea towel and let rise for about 30 minutes.

Turn the dough out onto a floured surface and knead it gently. Divide the dough in half. On floured surface, roll out each one to an 1/2-inch thick, 10-inch wide rectangle. Spread the cream cheese on the top and sprinkle with chopped parsley or chive. Starting at the wide end, roll up the dough and cut rolls into 24 pieces. Place pieces in prepared muffin pans.

Let rise about 30 minutes.

Add a pinch of salt into the egg and whisk slightly. (The salt breaks down the globs, making the egg watery and easier to spread.) Brush with a beaten egg and sprinkle with sesame seeds.

Preheat the oven to 225°C. Bake for 12–15 minutes.


No-yeast Rye Bread

June 15, 2015

This bread is perfect for one-person households, because No-yeast Rye Bread is at its best when it has been kept in the fridge where it stays good for several days.

If you don't have a sourdough starter in the fridge, you can easily make one with this recipe.

1 bread

First day

1 dl (100 g) sourdough starter
3 dl (300 g) lukewarm water
3 dl (165 g) rye flour

Mix together the sourdough starter, water and the flour. Cover with a tea towel and leave at room temperature overnight.

Second day

the starter dough from the evening before
1 tbsp caraway seeds
1 tbsp Seville orange peel, powdered
1 dl (65 g) linseeds
1,75 tsp salt
1 dl (35 g) large rolled oats
4 dl (220 g) rye flour

Blend the caraway seeds, Seville orange peel, linseeds, salt, and rolled oats with the starter dough. Let swell for 10 minutes. Add the rye flour and mix well.

Pour the wet mixture into a greased 2-liter tin.

Preheat the oven to 200°C. Bake for 40 minutes. Take the bread out of the tin and bake for an additional 5 minutes.

Let cool on a wire rack, cover with a tea towel and leave at room temperature overnight. Store in the refrigerator.


Herb Crispbread

June 08, 2015

Herb Crispbread looks so cute that it’s a shame to take a bite. You cannot get these beauties from your local shop!

This time I chose Green Santolina, but all herbs work well for the dough as long as the amount varies according to the aromatic qualities of the herb. Use whatever herb is your favorite, or you have on hand.

about 50 pcs.

8 dl (520 g) wheat flour
1 pot Green Santolina (Olive Herb)
1 tl salt
0,5 dl (45 g) oil
3 dl (300 g) water

Mix wheat flour, shredded herb and salt together. Pour in the oil and water. Knead the dough until it's smooth and not longer sticky.

Turn the dough out onto a baking surface and divide it into 3 pieces. On floured surface, roll out each one to a thin sheet. With a flower-shaped cookie cutter, cut out 50 small crispbreads.

Line the baking tray with a square of parchment paper and put the crispbreads on it. Poke the breads randomly with a fork.

Preheat the oven to 250°C. Bake for 6 minutes per tray. Turn over and bake for an additional 3 minutes. Place on a rack and allow to cool.

Once, when my son was 4-years-old, I forgot to poke the surface with a fork. The outcome looked like this.

He was thrilled! So, sometimes I still ”forget” to poke these flower-shaped crispbreads. Nowadays my son is not the only one who likes them. Because of their looks these puffy and crisp bites have been a success at parties too.


Clay Pot Bread

June 01, 2015

If you have a clay pot, now it's time to put it into use. This delicious bread is one of my favorites, not least because it will only take minutes to make it ready for the oven. 

The bread has strong flavor and dense consistency, which make it perfect base for irresistible party bites. It's easy to slice the bread and then cut the shapes out of the bread e.g. with a flower cookie cutter.

Pea flour give flavor to the bread, but if you have difficulties to find pea flour, replace it with barley flour. 

Scandinavian dark syrup, unlike American dark corn syrup, is processed from sugar beets. Thus, a good U.S. equivalent is American light molasses. The syrup is a bit sweeter than the molasses, but it's close enough that the substitution works well. Here I have used bread syrup, which contains 20 % malt extract.

1 bread

50 g fresh yeast
5 dl (500 g) whey (or water)
1,5 tsp salt
1 tbsp fennel seeds
1 tbsp caraway
0,5 dl oil
1 dl (70 g) bread syrup
1 dl (100 g) sunflower seeds
2 dl (100 g) pea flour
8 dl (550 g) bread flour

Soak the pot and the lid in cool water for 20 minutes.

Dissolve the yeast in the lukewarm whey in a bowl. Mix in salt, crushed fennel seeds, caraway, oil, bread syrup, sunflower seeds and the flour mix. Stir until smooth.

Pour the mixture into the greased clay pot. Cover and place the pot in a cold oven, setting the temperature for 200°C and bake (without removing the lid) for about 1 hour 30 minutes. The exact time depends on your oven.

Slide from the pot, cover and cool on a wire rack.