No-fuss Sourdough Starter

July 12, 2015

Making a batch of sourdough starter is as easy as stirring together some flour and water and letting it sit at room temperature for a while. That’s all! After a couple of days the mixture will bubble and it has a pleasingly sour aroma. 

Anyway, I'd recommend starting with organic flour and adding some honey into the mix because it gives the starter the best chance to become active. So, whisk 

2 dl (200 g) water
2 dl (100 g) organic spelt flour (or organic wheat flour)
1 tbsp honey

in a lidded jar and set the lid loosely on top of it. Let the starter sit for three days at room temperature (22–24 °C). Give it a look every day and stir the mixture. Add some flour if it looks watery. 

Three days later, whisk in 1 dl organic spelt flour and 1 dl water. Let sit for 24 hours until your starter is smelling sour and looking brisk and bubbling. Don’t worry if the starter has been slow to get going. Give it a few more days and things probably will have progress.

Now you can use the sourdough starter at once or cover it tightly and store it in the refrigerator.

If you place it in the fridge, keep in mind, the starter is a living thing. You must care for it and feed it at least once a week. Take it out, whisk in 1 dl organic spelt flour and 1 dl water and let the starter sit out overnight before putting it back in the fridge. When your starter starts filling up the jar, remove some and give it to a friend or better yet, get baking! 

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2 kommenttia

  1. I love spelt flour. I've got a half-rye, half-wheat flour starter with the same hydration which I use for rye bread. I must try this one. You can also use any surplus sourdough starter to make excellent pancakes - just add some water if it is a little thick and a little extra flour if the starter is very sour. Add some salt to taste and mix. You don't need eggs either if you don't want. Cook like French crêpes nice and thin, or like Indian dosas: on one side only. Great with a huge variety of savoury or sweet fillings/toppings as you prefer.

    1. Thank you for the comment. Spelt! I love it too. And the sourdough pancakes, what a great idea - and not so common here in Finland.