August 21, 2015

Sometimes we all have an old bread (or two) in our kitchen. It's always a joyful challenge for me because I hate throwing away food. I try to find smart ways to use these leftover breads up. I will also post these recipes to my blog even though they are not baking recipes.

Non-alcoholic bread beer, kvass is brewed from dried rye bread.

7 l (7 kg) water
500 g rye bread 
2 dl (170 g) sugar
fresh yeast

Cut the bread into slices and place the pieces in the oven heated to 175°C. Take them out when they are dried.

Place the dried rye bread pieces in a large pot and pour 7 l of boiling water over them. Cover the pot with a lid and leave it at room temperature overnight. 

Carefully and slowly pour the liquid into another container through cheese cloth.

Add 1 dl sugar into the liquid. Caramelize the rest of the sugar (1 dl) and add it into the liquid too.

Put a pea-size piece of fresh yeast into every one-liter bottle. Pour the liquid into the bottles. Let rest at room temperature for 5–7 hours.

Store the bottles in a cool place away from direct sunlight. The kvass is ready after 3 or 4 days.

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5 kommenttia

  1. Si può usare solo il pane di segala o anche altri tipi di pane fatti con altre farine?

  2. Si Può usare solo di segala o anche altri Tipi di pane Fatti con Altre farine?

    1. Purtroppo si puo' usare solo il pane di segale.

  3. What kind of yeast do you use, the same as for making beer, or the kind used to make bread?

    1. I used the ordinary fresh yeast, the kind used to make bread.