Lazy Baker's Breads

May 01, 2016

No time or energy to bake homemade bread? Don't worry! These recipes come to your rescue. Stir the ingredients together and pour the mixture into a tin. Time and the oven take care of the rest.

Malt Loaf

Malt Loaf with a touch of butter and a slice of mild cream cheese is a worldly heaven. In a summerly sandwich the bread is paired with fresh cheese, iceberg salad and cucumber. In winter it's a good companion to ripe pears and mild Brie. Malt Loaf is also a perfect bread for a tuna lunch box sandwich. 

Clay Pot Bread

If you have a clay pot, now it's time to put it into use. This delicious bread is one of my favorites, not least because it will only take minutes to make it ready for the oven. 

The bread has strong flavor and dense consistency, which make it perfect base for irresistible party bites. It's easy to slice the bread and then cut the shapes out of the bread e.g. with a flower cookie cutter.

If you love peas like me, make a pea spread on the pea bread. Too much? Not at all!

Pea Spread

Put 200 g peas, 400 g cream cheese, small amount of milk, lemon juice, black pepper an salt into a food processor and mix until smooth. You can also add mint leaves, oregano or a garlic clove into the spread if you want to. 

You have to mix the starter dough the day before baking, but otherwise this is quick and an easy-to-make bread. What's more, this bread is perfect for one-person households, because it is at its best when it has been kept in the fridge where it stays good for several days.

This recipe was invented by accident, when I was longing for freshly baked bread for my evening tea and realized that I have extremely little yeast and flour at home. I was too lazy to grocery shopping. I use what I had and the laziness was abundantly rewarded. This irresistible chewy bread has been one of my favourites right from the first bite.

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