Quick Conversions and Other Useful Facts

November 23, 2016

Photo Hotel and Restaurant Museum, hrm.finna.fi, licenced under CC BY-ND 4.0 -licence.
Workers of restaurant Kantakrouvi, Kauhajoki FInland, in 1963.


Fresh yeast has been used in all the recipes. If substituting dried yeast, use only half the specified amount and follow the instructions given on the package.
Baking times 

Celsius to Fahrenheit (°C to °F) conversion

Learn how your oven behaves – and trust your knowledge. The instructions in the recipes are guidelines. Your experience tells you which time, temperature or shelf works best. The general rule is that baking times should usually be reduced for fan ovens. 

150 °C 300 °F 
175 °C 350 °F 
200 °C 400 °F 
225 °C 425 °F 
250 °C 475 °F 
275 °C 525 °F 

Cup to deciliter (cup to dl) conversion 

1 cup (US) 2,4 dl 
1 cup (UK) 2,8 dl 

Deciliter to grams (dl to g) conversion

1 dl = 7 tbsp 

milk 100 g 
buttermilk 100 g 
water 100 g 
wheat flour 65 g 
rye flour 55 g 
dark wheat flour 55 g 
barley flour 55 g 
graham flour 60 g 
corn flour 55 g 
rye malt for bread (flour) 60 g 
oat flakes 35 g 
rye flakes 35 g 
spelt flakes 35 g 
oat bran 55 g 
wheat bran 20 g 
linseeds 60 g 
sunflower seeds100 g 
pumpkin seeds 60 g 
sesame seeds 60 g 
nuts 60 g 
raisins 60 g 
Scandinavian dark syrup 140 g 
honey 140 g 
vegetable oil 90 g 
butter, melted 90 g

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