Rye Bread Dessert

March 03, 2016

One thing that will inevitably happen if you love and eat rye bread, some day you have a dried bread on your table. This is a delicious way to use the leftover rye bread and to turn it into an incredibly tasty dessert. I have won a recipe contest with this recipe and got a pile of pans, which I still use in my kitchen.

200 g dried rye bread
25 g butter 
70 g sugar 
35 g brown sugar 
130 g good quality dark chocolate 
400 g fresh apples 
the juice of 1/2 lemon 
75 g crushed almonds 
1 dl (100 g) heavy whipping cream 
1 dl (100 g) natural yoghurt 
1 tbsp sugar 
dried apple slices 
grated chocolate 

Grate the dried bread. Place the butter in a pan and melt it. Add sugar (white and brown) and the grated bread. Fry until the mix has a rich, dark color. Let the bread mix cool completely. Grate the chocolate and add it into the bread mix. 

Make sure the cream is very cold and beat it until soft peaks form. Add 1 tbsp of sugar and the natural yoghurt into the whipped cream. 

Mash the fresh apples into a thick puree. Add the lemon juice and crushed almonds into the puree. 

Layer the bottom of a dessert bowls with bread mix, apple mix, and half the whipped topping. Repeat layers. Decorate with apple slices and grated chocolate.

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